Time to Wake Up and Blog

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“Until you spread your wings, you’ll never know how far you can fly”

This is a quote that I have framed in my office, and I think it applies well to why I’m starting this blog. More than anything, I have a robust hunger for knowledge and believe that in order to become a well-versed publicist that I need to experience a variety of tools firsthand. 

For PR practitioners, having the ability to understand multiple channels, whether it’s launching a blog or creating a SMR (social media release) or developing a Twitter presence, is arguably the most important thing you need to succeed in this business. Clients rely on our insight into the best ways to accomplishing goals. But for us to correctly identify a strategic plan, we need to individually seize opportunities to experience new things on our own and be willing to take risks in order to offer up the best professional counsel possible. So here I am.

I’m not expecting to reinvent the art of blogging or to have everyone agree with my posts. All I want is to create another channel for PR conversation and hopefully you will participate and we can teach each other some new things along the way.

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you become a frequent visitor and contributor.


21 comments on “Time to Wake Up and Blog

  1. Agreed, tweeting and blogging are crucial, not just to PR but to anyone in marketing, communication, or frankly, business in general. (IMO, YMMV!)

    The question is, how do you do it consistently! I start, I stop, I start again…

    When you can tell me how to make it habit — I’ll be eternally grateful.


    • It should be something that isn’t forced. For Twitter, using tools such as Tweetdeck definitely helps with time management. For blogging, I think when there are times that you’re unsure what to write about then maybe take a different approach. Not every post has to be X amount of words or in “story form.” Do some Q&A’s, or post a poll, etc. See if that works and then maybe it’ll help get you thinking a little differently.

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  4. This is great Andrew! I’m always looking for more insight and discussion regarding the ever-evolving pr world. I’m looking forward to keeping up with your posts. You’ve inspired me to think about starting my own blog, too. Good luck!

  5. Hi Andrew! I feel like you and I had the same New Year’s resolution..start the some sort of PR conversation and figure it out as you go along. I love this quote “But for us to correctly identify a strategic plan, we need to individually seize opportunities to experience new things on our own and be willing to take risks in order to offer up the best professional counsel possible. So here I am.”

    I feel the same way! Best of luck with your blog. This is mine http://elliebrown.wordpress.com

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