All Publicists Need to Have a Little Patience

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So what does Axl Rose and PR have in common? Aside from your occasional crisis communications opportunity, not much. However, one of the best songs he ever wrote has a theme that can be applied to our everyday life at a PR agency: “Patience”

No matter what your age is or what title might be on your business card, we all want to get ahead, make more money, and work on exciting accounts. So what do we do? We work hard, try to get media opportunities, and do whatever it takes to show our value to our clients and to our bosses. But regardless of how many placements you may get and how much your client might like you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are going to get promoted or see a major increase in your paycheck shortly after your client appears in a major news outlet. It’s your job to do this, right?

So although this may all seem a little depressing, you need to look at the other side of the coin. Most accounts have relatively young PR pros handling the day-to-day responsibilities – whether it’s media outreach or administrative duties – and in that lies opportunity. You can’t be 23, 25, or 27-years-old and worrying about when you’re going to get that next pat on the back … you need to recognize your youth and that you still have a lot to learn despite the successes you may be having early on. The bottomline is that if you are a rock star and killin’ it on your accounts, then good things will come in time. In this economy, you can’t expect to get that overdue raise despite all of the great work you are doing. However, you can take it to the bank (no pun intended) that once things start turning around, you will be one of the first people to reap the benefit$.

The moral to this story is that nice guys may finish last, but hard workers that step it up during times like these will see the results in the end.


2 comments on “All Publicists Need to Have a Little Patience

  1. The Recession is (hopefully) bringing out the best in PR pros. Newsrooms are smaller, and PR pros are working on smaller teams for fewers accounts, yet the workload has stayed the same, and in most cases even increased. This is the time when we’re challenged, and during these times I think it’s a real test. How do we handle these challenges? The way we handle them can affect our futures, and a possible raise or that next big promotion. Now’s the time to really test our patience and how we handle these challenges.

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