The TSA Needs a PR Campaign

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Where is the one place kids and adults whining and crying about everything and everyone in sight? That’s right, at the airport.

Whether it’s passing through security at Newark Airport (NJ … but really NYC) this morning or reading Tweets about the nerve of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) to make the security line 10min longer so they can take extra security measures, people do not like being inconvenienced. Let me state for the record that the TSA can scan my bags, make me walk through an X-ray machine, and even force me to show up a few minutes earlier if it means I’m going to be just a little bit safer in the air.

This is an issue that millions of Americans have been vocal about and the TSA would be wise to spend a couple dollars (we know the airlines have it thanks to those checked baggage fees) towards a short-term PR campaign to turn a negative situation into, at the very least, a neutral one. @TSABlogTeam – Do the right thing. Issue an RFP.

Here Are My Top Four Things the TSA Should Do Immediately:

  1. Stop sending canned messages on Twitter. Customize. Personalize. Incentivize.
  2. Create video’s that inspire us, not ones that put us to sleep:
  3. Put faces to go with the names on your blog ( I want to know exactly who is communicating the messages you put out there. Ditto Twitter.
  4. Clean up your Web site. Way too many links and tabs. One word. Simplify.

What would you add to this list? Would love to hear your thoughts!


4 comments on “The TSA Needs a PR Campaign

  1. good post. i would add that they need to make a REAL effort to communicate the “method behind the madness” to the public. when people know the reasons behind why they are doing things, they will be more receptive to inconvenience. like any communicator, the TSA needs to build trust with its stakeholder audiences

    • I realize the government has other fish to fry, but hopefully when things turn around they can spend a couple extra dollars to help the industry and repair its image

  2. Great post! I think they really need to focus on assuring travelers they aren’t simply reacting to every unique situation. I was traveling right after Christmas (and the most recent terror attempt) and a friend of mine made a very on point joke by asking “What? Are they going to start making everyone remove their underwear now?” and then pointing out every rule is a result of something that ALREADY happened. TSA needs to appear as if they are being proactive in keeping travelers safe.

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