PR Pros Deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Accomplishments With Brands That Aren’t Household Names

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Like many of you, I’ve spoken to several senior-level executives and HR/recruiting professionals over the years regarding my resume, and about opportunities at agencies of all sizes. For the most part, a majority (not all) of them looked over my credentials and immediately asked me about my role with larger, global brands that I’ve worked with. I understand that a recognizable brand is always going to draw attention, but why does the hard work that went into building startups and smaller companies often go overlooked?

I completely understand that no one is going to hand anybody, especially entry-level and junior staffers, the best accounts. You do good work and eventually you are rewarded. But since this happens to be the case, many of us start in this field working with a different breed of clients: startups, companies that haven’t really explored PR in the past, organizations that are trying to change things up, and even successful brands that aren’t necessarily household names. As a result, much of our time in the early stages of our PR career is spent getting results for these clients and hoping to use this experience as a springboard to working with larger brands.

Personally, there have have been numerous times when a team that I’ve worked with ended up doing unbelievable things for clients that no one thought was possible. This included getting them opportunities with top-tier media, working with them on how to leverage social media tools, going from calling up a journalist and having them never heard of our client to being able to call up a journalist and actually having them know the company and wanting to speak with them, and ultimately turning these achievements into larger retainers. This may not be rocket science, and some may argue that you are just doing your job, but the results speak for themselves and don’t deserve to go unnoticed.

The moral of the story is that I hope one day we can all get the recognition we’ve earned regardless of who our clients have been. Good work is still good work.


4 comments on “PR Pros Deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Accomplishments With Brands That Aren’t Household Names

  1. Another excellent post. This blog has everything I could ever need, in fact I cancelled my subscription to the N.Y. Times. Don’t need it when i have PR at Sunrise. Any chance you could post 7 days a week?

  2. you are right on the mark with your latest blog regarding appreciation in the work world for a job well-done. I enjoy reading your bi-weekly blogs and find your comments and thoughts interesting. Keep up the good work

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