Poll: What the F%@# Should Joe Biden Do Next?

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The cuss heard round the world

This isn’t the first time a politician has made a mistake on a national broadcast, and it certainly won’t be the last. But as you might expect, the news of Vice President Joe Biden using the F-bomb while congratulating President Obama during the health care bill signing on Tuesday made its way throughout global media outlets, as well as becoming a trending topic on Twitter. There was even an article on Examiner.com showcasing some of the top Tweets regarding the news.

As PR practicioners, we immediately look at an incident such as this and roleplay what we would do if we were in that person’s shoes, which leads us to today’s poll question..


4 comments on “Poll: What the F%@# Should Joe Biden Do Next?

  1. How about have him get a tattoo of his quote on live TV?

    I actually like Joe more at this point, though the VP debate was truly must-see TV, this was right up there.

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