Poll: Is Tiger Out of the Woods?

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After months of discussion regarding Tiger Woods’ PR strategy and recently talked about new Nike commercial, the questions remain whether or not Woods has done enough to help repair his image.

After finishing fourth at The Masters this weekend, it appeared as though the media was back on the Tiger bandwagon. As noted in the Detroit Free Press Golf blog, CBS and ESPN both seemed to go out of their way to make sure the sex scandal was not discussed during the tournament.

So does this mean Tiger can breathe easily again? Or does more PR work need to be done in order to get him back into the good graces of the public again?


4 comments on “Poll: Is Tiger Out of the Woods?

  1. I think the big shock has already passed, and the topic has been played over and over again in the public’s heads – I for one am bored with it already. On a different note however the Nike commercial move was BRILLIANT from Nike’s part, because Tiger is getting so much media exposure, and doing a commercial with him wether he has good or bad rep at the moment, puts the word NIKE in millions of people’s mouths..

  2. While the NIKE advertisement got people talking about Tiger, so did his blatant disregard for marriage vows.

    My issue with Tiger stems against his behaviour towards the African-American community from ages ago though.

    He always thought he was better than us.

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