You Might Work in PR If..

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Thought it was time do a fun top 10 list that only PR pros could appreciate. Please submit any additions you may have in the comments section. Enjoy!

You might work in PR if..

10. You’ve pitched yourself instead of a client for a ProfNet/HARO inquiry

9. No one in your office actually has a degree in PR

8. One of the most exciting days of the year is when your subscription to Cision is renewed

7. When a blocked caller ID comes in, you cross your fingers that it’s the New York Times or Wall Street Journal calling

6. You make fun of the person who uses Twitter all of the time, but secretly wish you had as many followers as he/she has

5. Nobody in your family understands what you do exactly

4. You’ve told your boss that you are using Facebook for work purposes

3. Computer services is on speed dial

2. Part of your daily vocabularly includes phrases such as “at the end of the day” or “leverage” or “strategic”

1. You have daily nightmares about missing a call from Oprah


15 comments on “You Might Work in PR If..

    • I could’ve made a list of 100, but wanted to make this concise and keep consistent with other lists I’ve put together.

      Thanks for the comments, Bridget!

  1. I’d add to number two: “Are we aligned?” I can’t count the number of times I hear thay every day, though I try very hard not to say it myself.

    And what about being better than 98 percent of Americans at dealing with rejection? I’d like to see a Harris survey on that. Man, I’d even volunteer to pitch it myself!

  2. Had to comment that #5 is my favorite. I have taken my mother to work; walked her through my job for years! And still crack up when I hear her trying to explain my job to someone! This list was great.

  3. You find yourself trying to figure out which company pitched the article you’re reading/segment you’re viewing.

  4. Watching a show or reading an article and thinking “darn, my client should have been in this!” or “This would be great to pitch my client”

  5. How about — you’ve lost count of the number of times your clients have told you they think their story is right for Oprah.

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