Celebrity Rehab: PR Edition

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Every week there’s a new headline involving a celebrity that screams damage control from the PR team. Whether it’s Tom Cruise and his infamous couch-jumping incident or being caught on camera boozing it up and cussing left and right (too many to pick just one celeb!), this happens way too often. Is it because they don’t care? Do they ignore their PR team? Is their PR team not capable of getting through to difficult celebs?

With that in mind, I think one of the broadcast networks would be wise to start a new ‘reality’ show where they put celebs through PR rehab. They’ll learn the intricacies of how to handle difficult media questions, the right/wrong ways of having a press conference, and how to say ‘no’ to bad movie roles. Ok, maybe not that last part, but they’ll walk away from rehab with much better PR IQ. And the best part of this? They won’t be learning from celebs that have learned from past mistakes. No, no, no. They’ll be guided by celebs with clean PR records!

Here’s who I propose for the inaugural season:

The Patients:

1. Tom Cruise – Still a mega-star, but the negative press he’s been getting for years now is taking a toll on his legacy.

2. Lindsay Lohan – She’s not a major celeb, but you can’t really have a list like this without her being on it.

3. Kanye West – No one will forget his outburst on the 2009 MTV VMA Awards.

4. The Olsen Twins – Now 23-years-old, these two are still “everywhere you look” … and never for good reasons.

5. Tiger Woods – Crisis communications took way too long when news first broke of his scandal back in November.

The Doctors:

1. Sandra Bullock – Praised for the way she has handled the news of husband Jesse James cheating on her, the Oscar winner is an ideal candidate for the show.

2. Tom Hanks – Another Oscar winner on this list, the last time Hanks received negative press was back in the ’80s when he accepted roles in movies such as The ‘burbs.

3. Johnny Depp – Similar to Axl Rose, he can be a bit of a recluse. Unlike Axl, his reputation has never been better.

4. Adam Sandler – Needing to add a dose of humor to this group, Sandler is the perfect mix of comedy genuis combined with a clean PR bill of health.

5. Anne Hathaway – Can you find anything bad to say about her?


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