PR Boot Camp for Clients: Who Should Be The Instructor?

PR boot camp for clients? Sergeant Harvey Walden IV, co-host of VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, would make for an intimidating instructor

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Back in February I wrote this post for the PR Breakfast Club about PR pros needing to go through a mandatory social media ‘hell week’ in order to educate themselves about all things related to SM. So I started thinking, should our clients be required to go through a boot camp of their own?

Every client we work with is different. Some have PR backgrounds, others come from marketing or advertising, and a couple have a specific business background. And while we may like working with some, all, or maybe not even any of them, one thing is certain, we all get frustrated with them from time-to-time. At some point during our career we’ve all complained about a particular client and their lack of understanding of media and PR, which brings us to today’s post 🙂

If you had to put a client(s) through PR boot camp in order to educate them on expectations and some of the challenges we face in the changing media landscape, what type of instructor would you want to teach the class? A tough guy that can intimidate? A Martha Stewart-type that will be understanding and motherly? Please take this poll, send it around to your friends in the industry, and let’s find out what everyone would choose..


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