Clients Not Taking Your Counsel? Look To Willy Wonka For Inspiration

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        PR pros are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams

I know it’s silly to look to a fictional character such as Willy Wonka for inspiration, but it’s not so far fetched.

While the biggest part of our job is arguably to get clients media placements and opportunities, we’re often tasked to come up with ideas for product launches, events, and how to generate interest in something that seemingly is not very newsworthy or sexy. This is where Willy comes in. He was all about using his imagination and coming up with ideas that most people would quickly dismiss. And ya know what? His creativity worked and everyone loved his products.

Sounds pretty similar to what us PR pros do, right? In the past few months, think about how many times you’ve gotten together with your teams and brainstormed new ideas to bring to a client. From the ones that some people may have laughed at to the ones that got everyone excited, we use our imagination and experiences to bring clients ideas they haven’t considered. That’s one of my favorite things about PR. Turning a random thought into a realistic concept.

So the next time a client turns down an idea because of budget or thinking the idea is impractical, don’t give up. It’s still our job to come up with out-of-the-box ideas and counsel clients on how to make them work … and at the very least, clients will (or should) appreciate your efforts.


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