Don’t Just Look To Impress PR Exec’s When Presenting Social Media Ideas To Clients

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Clients want creativity AND sales tools when investing in social media

As I’ve become more involved in new business pitches, specifically those centered around social media, one of the greatest things I’ve learned is that it’s not so much the ideas you come up with that are important, but rather it’s about thinking about them from a marketing and sales point of view.

When pitching a client or a prospective client, you first need to think about who is in the room during your presentation. Is the head of sales present? What about the CMO? The goal is to try to gather as much information as possible beforehand so that you are fully prepared to speak to everyone in the room and not just the people that have a true background in PR.

So after finding out this information you’ve then decided you want to create a Twitter handle. Awesome. You also want to develop a widget for Facebook. Great. But remember that you have to be selling an idea that is more than just about brand engagement. Think about how the Twitter handle and Facebook widget are going to support the sales and marketing teams and help increase the company revenue. These are critical thoughts that need to be addressed in a presentation before the CMO jumps-in with these concerns.

Some of the common things we often hear from people in the industry is that clients don’t understand PR. They aren’t on the phones all day with reporters, they don’t manage expectations internally, and they certainly don’t understand social media. Whether this is the case or not, it’s our job to prepare as such and continually figure out ways to best communicate our ideas with the understanding that each executive in the room is going to wonder how your ideas will impact their part of the business. A lot of money is at stake in a pitch, so you better be sure you have everyone in the room on-board.

So remember, it’s not just about coming up with fun and creative ideas that will impress the PR exec’s in the room, but rather it’s about coming up with fun and creative ideas that not only engage fans of your brand, but also become sales and marketing tools for everyone involved.


3 comments on “Don’t Just Look To Impress PR Exec’s When Presenting Social Media Ideas To Clients

  1. You make a very valid point about knowing who is in the room and how to present to them. Recently, our firm had a day where the staff presented creative ideas to the executive board.

    After I presented, I asked one of the people in the room for feedback and he said “Your idea was great, you presented really well. Your next step is now start thinking about who is in the room.”

    I have to admit I hadn’t really figured out what that meant, but after reading this post I have a better idea of where I am supposed to be going with that.

    So thank you!

    • That’s awesome, Laney! Did you share that feedback with your direct supervisor? That’s the type of thing that can help you in your quest to climb in the corporate ladder

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