The Pros and Cons of Being on the PR Fast Track

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HR specialist Lisa Hutchins gives the pros/cons of moving up quickly at your job

As a PR executive, it is always hard to judge just when you are ready to take that ideal next step in your career.

Can moving up too quickly hurt your career?

Can it be bad for your career path?

Here are a few pros and cons to balance the thought of fast-tracking your career.


1. Your manager feels that you are ready and responsible for taking your career to the next level.

2. You have a proven track record to be knowledgeable and successful in role

3. You’ve demonstrated ability to be a problem solver


1. You are not ready for the responsibilities that come along with the promotion

2. You can’t endure a lengthy development process, which is most important at the junior level

3. Fast-tracking can result in poor leadership and managerial skills

Weigh your options when the discussion of a possible promotion takes place with your manager. Ask your manager if you are truly ready for the next step. Always take advantage of all training opportunities because in the long run, that is the best back-up for your career and moving on to the next steps. Be sure that you are ready to manage others and help them move forward with their ideal next steps.

Is moving up quickly bad for your career path? No. Is it good for you career? It can be, with the proper training and mentorship in your role. In the end, if you feel your career is moving on a fast track and you feel that you are not ready for the next level, speak to your mentor or HR representative.

Lisa Hutchins is a human resources professional who has previously worked at leading PR firms such as Ruder Finn and Cohn & Wolfe. Her responsibilities included recruiting, employee relations, and miscellaneous employee changes. In addition to her HR experience, she has also as a PR pro on an array of accounts and campaigns, including GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. Follow Lisa on Twitter via @lisahutchins.


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