Jumping From Job to Job Hurts Your Profile

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HR pro Cathleen Graham has experience working at many PR agencies

Does jumping from job to job hurt or help your profile? The answer is maybe.

If you are thoughtful about your career, and consider each company move as a way to increase your scope of skills and breath and depth of category expertise, and give each move time, then it can be a good thing.

If you answer every recruiter phone call and are easily lured by the promise of more money, you will end up moving every year, which will hurt your resume.

Take charge of your career. Think about what your ideal role will be in five or ten years. Take stock of the opportunities in your current company.

Will you be able to work towards a promotion? Take advantage of training? Have the opportunity to work globally?

If and only if you have outgrown the opportunities in your current company should you consider a move.

As a recruiter, we like to see longevity at companys. Ideally 2-3 years minimum. if you are moving every year, that says to me you lack commitment.

Cathleen Graham is a leader in the Human Resources field with more than 20 years experience. Formerly the Global Head of Human Resources at Ruder Finn, she currently consults for a variety of firms world wide in talent acquisition and retention, change management, executive coaching, organizational and performance management design and all aspects of human resource planning. Prior to joining Ruder Finn, Cathleen served as Senior Vice President and Global Director of Human Resources at Cohn & Wolfe and as Human Resource Director at Rubenstein PR. She can be reached on LinkedIn or Twitter via @cashcat1969.


4 comments on “Jumping From Job to Job Hurts Your Profile

  1. Good topic as usual. As someone that moved around more than he should have earlier in his career I appreciate the topic. Now that I’m 15 years into my career I’m less worried about how the first few short stays on my resume look, but while I’d do some things differently if I were to do it all over again, it is worth noting that you also shouldn’t stay at a really really bad just because of your resume.

  2. I’ve read an article by Penelope Trunk before that Gen Z have all the time of their lives to jump from one job to another and it’s advisable because it gives them the chance to discover where they truly excel. Now I don’t necessarily agree because it depends on the person’s reasons and though it may be healthy for others, if you’re just starting a career, don’t ruin it by whimsically jumping just because you want adventure.

    However, if you’re doing it like Robert Kiyosaki did, jumping from one job to another until he has proven what he has and gotten all the necessary experiences he needed and wanted, then go on with the process of improving, then I would gladly agree to that.

  3. Great article. I would like to get some advice on a few things. I am a young person just getting into my career – or rather, trying to. I have had some internships and temporary jobs (due to permanent positions not always being readily available in this economy) just so I gain experience while looking for a more permanent job instead of just sitting around. I wonder if these short stunts could be detrimental to permanently getting hired by a company. How do you think would be the best way to explain the short term jobs to a potenital employer?

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