‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (PR Style)

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
When all through the agency
Staff was finishing up work
So they could hit the exit and flee

But phones started to ring
E-mails piled up, too
Even a message from Oprah’s producers
Could it really be true?!

They wanted one of the agency’s clients
To be on the show
But the taping was tomorrow, on Christmas
Would the client really say no?

The PR team scrambled
To make the client aware
But the client could not be found
So they turned to foursquare

Sure enough, the CEO had checked-in to an event
They sent the CEO a text
“Call us ASAP, we’ve booked you for a segment!”

The CEO called and heard the great news
“A chance to meet Oprah? How could I ever refuse?!”

The PR team told the producer that the client was heading out on the next flight
It was a Christmas miracle, and a great ending to the night

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13 comments on “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas (PR Style)

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    • Thanks! I typically do poems like this around the holidays for my office, i.e. inserting people I work with, inside jokes at the office, etc. But this year I decided to do one for the blog. Glad you enjoyed it!

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