Top 10 PR Stories of 2010

10. Derek Jeter’s Contract – Yes, he signed re-signed with the Yankees, but not after taking a slight ‘hit’ to his reputation for the way negotiations were handled.

9. Carnival Cruise Lines – With 4,500 travelers stranded at sea this summer, this company needed to invest all of its resources into PR efforts.

8. NFL – Ben Roethlisberger Suspended, Rex Ryan, Jets, etc. – From sexual assault charges to giving fans the finger to “Footgate,” the NFL has replaced the NBA as the league with the most character issues.

7. Mel Gibson audio tapes released – Does anyone else remember when this guy was one of Tinseltown’s leading actors? I’m guessing he’ll end up on next season’s Celebrity Rehab rooming with Lindsay Lohan (who is not on the list because we all expected her to be!).

6. Media Meltdown – Between Rick Sanchez‘s firing, Keith Olbermann’s suspension, and even 90-year-old Helen Thomas’ resignation, 2010 was a year to forget.

5. TSA/Full Body Screeners – No matter what the TSA does or doesn’t do, they just can never seem to get in the good graces of the public.

4. Brett Favre – Text messages, photos, infidelity, the decision to play vs. retire … do I really have to go on?

3. Gulf Oil Spill/BP – You couldn’t put on a news station this summer without seeing or hearing about Tony Hayward.

2. Tiger Woods Apology – Talk about a guy who just threw it all away. Will he ever be the same?

1. “The Decision” LeBron James – Whether you like or dislike “King James,” no one got more attention (for better or worse) this year.


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