1-Year Anniversary

This time last year I created this blog on a whim and didn’t really know how long I would maintain it. But almost 100 posts and 40,000 views later, PR at Sunrise is as strong as ever.

Now, I’m not going to get into a long speech about all of the great, new people I’ve gotten to know along the way or how much this blog has helped me from a professional standpoint. But what I will do is promise to continue bringing you as much information on PR and social media, and from as many different sources, as possible.

You all are the reason why this blog has become so popular and you really do push me to make this one of the most helpful sites for industry news and information.

So what am I really trying to say? THANK YOU for reading this blog, mentioning it to others, and for helping to make this such a special place for me and so many other industry pros, students, enthusiasts, and professors.


10 comments on “1-Year Anniversary

  1. Thank you – I enjoy reading your stuff. Perhaps you would care to tackle an issue of mine in a future post? I do some very small scale work for a travel client who can’t afford to subscribe to one of these media alert companies used by travel journalists – as a result they miss out on a lot of opportunities for coverage.
    What can small scale operations with limited budgets do to get the attention they deserve? Currently we do a lot with Twitter and Facebook which is great but I am just wondering if you have any other ideas?

  2. Thank YOU for taking the time to share your thoughts, ideas, suggestions, etc. with us – I truly do love visiting your blog and always leave with some great food for thought.

    Best wishes for a successful 2011:)!

  3. Andrew, you’re welcome. Even though I do not work in PR, I have truly enjoyed your blogs this year and look forward to reading them again in 2011. Now I know how important public relations can be to everyone out there trying to make a mark.
    Continued success and good luck, grammyZ

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