A Marketer’s View of PR

Are marketing and PR professionals natural allies? Can we work together co-operatively? I certainly hope so!

I work mainly with growing companies that don’t yet have the budget to hire a PR firm, but I’m passionate about helping my clients craft compelling marketing messages and devise creative marketing strategies. So the work I do covers both marketing and PR – I’ve always felt that PR is just one of the many elements of the over-arching field of marketing (although I know some PR professionals who insist it’s the other way around).

So it saddens me when I see marketing and PR professionals entrenched in their separate silos, battling for control of a client’s mindshare (and budget). We shouldn’t be wasting our energy, and our clients’ time, jostling for supremacy – we should be co-operating to get the best possible results for our clients.

I also wish PR professionals understood more about the wider field of marketing, not just their own narrow segment of it. I sometimes teach workshops for account executives in PR firms, about how to write media releases (because I used to work at a newspaper, and I received lots of really BAD ones). I’m disappointed when they send out media releases saying: “XYZ Ltd. is delighted to announce the launch of blah blah blah…” – their clients might love it, but journalists hate it!

I just really wish PR pros would educate their clients that good PR and good marketing mean a lot more than just sending out a media release.

About the Author

Kay Ross is a Hong Kong-based Australian marketing consultant/coach/trainer, editor and copywriter, with over 30 years’ experience (and some strong opinions). She’s also a stand-up and improv comedian! Visit her website at www.kayross.com, and tweet her nicely at @kayross.


5 comments on “A Marketer’s View of PR

  1. Thanks for offering your perspective, Kay! I agree that sometimes, PR and Marketing get too wrapped up in turf wars that we forget that the client or company utlimately loses out in doing so. It helps for PR folks to hear the other side of the coin to better understand how we can work better with our Marketing colleagues.

  2. Great insight, Kay. From my perspective, I’ve always thought of PR as a branch of marketing. In the end, aren’t both fields trying to achieve similar goals, just through different means?

    Though I think it’s important to have specialized skill sets so that the best work possible is being produced, I agree 100 percent that it’s essential for PR pros to understand broader marketing strategy and how their work fits into it.

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