Would You Like a Raise or a Promotion with that Review?

Your annual review is looming. You think you deserve a raise, and maybe even a promotion. What’s the best way to ask?

Perhaps the best way to start this conversation is with this simple but little-known fact: raises and promotions are not always tied together in timing, if you’re working in a pay-for-performance (PFP) system. Why? Because in a PFP system, the focus is on your performance. That is, how are you doing?

If the review and the potential salary increases are delivered at the same time, the focus tends to be on only the money — at least on the receiving end.

Bottom line: if you wait until your review to have the “I’d like a raise or promotion” conversation with your management, you’re too late.

There are three keys to getting raises/promotions . Think of these points as the three legs of a stool — take any one “leg” away and you’ll have a more difficult time achieving your goal and you’ll eventually tip over.

The three keys:

1. Bloom where you’re planted. That is, do an outstanding job in your current position.

2. Look for every opportunity to grow. Volunteer for new assignments, ask to be a project lead — show initiative and stretch yourself. 

3. Share your goal of a raise/promotion with your manager (or the person whose support you need) and get their input on what you need to do to achieve that. Then, make sure they have the opportunity to see the results that come from those efforts.

Now — have the conversation! You’re ready for more! My best to you!

About the Author
Terri Albee, CCP, CPC, is managing partner of HR Ops Team LLC, which provides scalable and affordable human resources counseling. Terri has more than 25 years of experience in a variety of industry verticals from start-up/entrepreneurial organizations to the Fortune 500, both domestically and globally, and has planned and managed HR operations through numerous funding, acquisition and transition events. Additionally, Terri teaches at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is also a certified professional coach.

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4 comments on “Would You Like a Raise or a Promotion with that Review?

  1. I agree. Many companies these days base their raise and promotion decisions on work, product, and progress, not seniority or time in the position. The best advice to getting a raise is to set specific KPI’s or goals with your supervisor that you must reach to be considered for a raise or promotion, work hard and knock your goals out of the park, and then come to your review prepared with the proof of your success on each item. This way you know going INTO your review where you stand and what you can expect as far as raises or promotions.

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