There Are Benefits to Staying at the Same PR Agency and Not Jumping Ship

Stay the course to find your path to success

If someone told me nearly 15 years ago when I started my career that I would be in the same industry 15 years later, and with only two separate companies, I would have never believed them. After all, it was the late 1990s and no one was sticking it out for more than a couple of years at the same job.

I lasted at that same agency for five years, moving from an entry-level PR administrative assistant position to a PR account supervisor role. In September 2001, I accepted a manager position with Dixon Schwabl Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations. The then 13-year-old integrated agency offered the promise of a self-empowered workforce and a diverse client base. I haven’t looked back since.

Being at the same firm for nearly 10 years has offered wonderful experience and growth. While change is still something that drives me, staying at the same company has paid off for me.

First, I understand the culture and what is expected of me within in it. This allows me to make decisions independent from long consideration and multiple conversations with the CEO.

Next, my longevity provides senior leadership with confidence and trust in me. In turn, I have the flexibility to manage myself, my schedule and my team freely.

Finally, a decade at the same firm offers job security. If economic times should have impact on our business, my tenure with the agency provides a buffer.

The upside to remaining with a single employer in this day and age, in my opinion, outweighs the downside. If you feel challenged, you are learning and you are surrounded by people who inspire you, it’s okay to stay.

About the Author
Kim Allen is a 15-year industry veteran, and currently directs the overall growth and development of the Dixon Schwabl PR team. She resides in Rochester, NY with her husband and two toddlers. Contact Kim via Twitter: @kimallen2727

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9 comments on “There Are Benefits to Staying at the Same PR Agency and Not Jumping Ship

  1. Excellent post, Kim. As a former TV personality who bounced around more times than I care to share, I can freely admit that moving into PR was the best thing for me personally and professionally. More than 2 years now at my current agency, I’ve seen my roll increase and responsibility quadruple. It’s been fun to see the agency grow since I arrived, and it’s gratifying to think I had something to do with that. In TV, if you lasted 6 months at a station without formulating an exit strategy, you were considered tenured.

  2. Kim – couldn’t agree more. July 1 marks my 18th year with HMA Public Relations. The core principles of the firm are unchanged from the day I started, but how we do business, the types of clients, team members, etc. evolve every year. And that’s what makes it so interesting.

  3. Thank you for this post. It tells PR undergrad students like me that once you arrive at a firm at the bottom, it is best to stick it out and you’ll be able to move up the ranks. I’ll be sure to try and make my first job last as long as possible!

  4. Having worked with an agency for 8 yrs now, I feel if you are a growing fish in a growing pond then why unnecessarily move? I get promotions, authority to make decisions, the clients relate to me well because they see me an integral part of the organization-all because I have managed to prove stick to one place and prove my worth.

    Of course it is subject to your CEO believing in you and giving you a free hand to work and take responsibilities

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