Why Google+ Sucks!

I don’t like Google+ … yet. It may grow on me, but for now, I have it and use it the same way I post to Google Buzz—hardly ever.

Why? Well, it just doesn’t seem simple and when I use social media, I like it to be simple: I’d like to share a news story or photo in under three seconds. I’d like to find a topic quickly.

Before you roll your eyes in that “she must be an old lady” way, take note: I will devote some time to learning more about it. But for now, just one week after a vacation in Mexico and a month into a new promotion, TIME IS MONEY, and I only have money for the quick and simple social media sites I use the most—Twitter and Facebook.

While I am not as active on Facebook as I used to be, I still use it for what I always thought it was best for—sharing with my “fluffy” crowd (Fluffy as in family, distant friends—someone I haven’t seen since high school or college whom I actually want to keep in touch with—and acquaintances or former co-workers).

Twitter, on the other hand, I love for talking news, music, sports and neighborhood happenings with smart and FAST people.

What I still like about the big two is something I can’t seem to find with Google+ yet … ease of use. And active users, of course!

I feel kind of lost on Google+. I’m not sure what’s going on. This isn’t something that occurred for more than an hour of using Facebook or Twitter. Sure, I get the circles, but what if I put someone in my acquaintance circle as opposed to the friend one and they get annoyed? Think it can’t happen? Think again. Strangers get annoyed when I unfollow them on Twitter!

Feature-wise, someone sent me a message on Google+ once and it seemed to appear right there on my  Google+ page and yet, she told me it was private. It didn’t’ look that way to me! At least on Twitter and Facebook, DMs do not appear on the wall or timeline. They are hidden away. And private Google+ messages should be, too.

Look, it’s Google. Most of their stuff works out. Some, like Google WAVE, do not. Come to think of it, I hated that one, too.

I’ve got nothing against Google. I love GMAIL! But Google+ and its circles haven’t won me over yet. Maybe I’m too much of a list person? Or better yet, perhaps I am a square?

About the Author
Gina Vergel is a public relations professional for Fordham University, the Jesuit University of New York. You can follow Gina on Twitter at: @ginavergel7

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16 comments on “Why Google+ Sucks!

  1. People took time to sit up and take FB seriously and once they did they were hooked for life! Then it changed it format and again we had to go figure out our way around. I think its same with google + it will take some time for the world to get used having it as a part of its social media life….. I guess they executed a great PR plan with the surprise element and everyone wanting to jump and join the bandwagon.

    As for me I am there, not writing it off so soon! Life goes around in circles so lets see what comes around 🙂

    Nice perspective and analysis though

  2. I feel the same way and I’m certainly not an “old lady.” I, too, will give Google+ a bit more time before I make a decision — the only thing is that I’m so confused by the whole thing that I don’t know when I’ll actually make time for it.

    One thing that you don’t have to worry about is which circle you put your friends/associates into. They can’t see how you’ve managed them. 🙂

  3. Nice post and good insights — I think your thoughts are fairly widespread at this stage in the game.

    Google+ is great for privacy w/ circles and private information, but they’ve failed where it counts most: usability as defined by user satisfaction. Though the growth rates for G+ are more than impressive (some say because of existing networks like FB & Tw), it’s failed to really catch on because people just don’t get it. They don’t want to spend the time to learn a new tool or to rebuild social networks that already exist elsewhere.

    I was originally excited about G+ just because I thought it’d put pressure on FB to step up their mobile game (if you haven’t played w/ a G+ mobile app, do so — friggin’ smooth). But without the critical masses sticking around on Google’s latest social endeavor, I’m wondering if Zuckerberg is even breaking a sweat.

    Of course we don’t need to speculate forever…Time will tell…

  4. When you sign up for Google + they tell you that people in your circles can’t see what circle you actually put them in, so it wouldn’t matter if you decided to switch them to a different one…just fyi

    I happen to think that the more “tech-savvy” crowd takes a liking to Google + more so..



  6. Hey Grammy… I’m not so young! So count me in the w/the old lady crowd. 😉

    Thanks everyone for the comments. After I wrote it (last week), I actually started adding more G+ users to follow (for example, news reporters that I follow on Twitter) and I am liking it more.

    Danielle, thanks for letting me know people can’t see which circle I put them in. Chris, thanks for the link.

  7. You’re correct in that “time is money”…which is why you should spend ten minutes reading the manual now to save yourself hours later. Or, in this case, spend five minutes reading the Google+ help pages to save yourself ten minutes that would have been spent writing a post about how you don’t understand G+.

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  11. Google+ sucks I put a +1 here…
    I was able to create my profile under my blog name, then after some weeks of active using, I got suspended because my username was against Google+ policy. Can you believe that???!!!!
    So if I create a profile names John Doe, it is OK but not something else. It is useless to send them emails because they will never answer you… The more it goes, the more I think Google tools is for people who works at Google and that have no choice to use it…
    I also got punished on my blog. From PR4 to PR1. Just because their Robots spotted out 404errors that does not exist. The funny thing is that my blog continues growing without their PR… So at the end the question is: Is Google useful? Or it is just a company from the years 2000 and now we can leave without it…

  12. Google+ blows. I left in less than 1 day. The server failed and wouldn’t upload my images. I had friends giving me gay little tips and advice, and the circles made me spin in circles, all the privacy stuff and ways to do things… I dropped Facebook, but after 2 years. I was told G+ was so much better, but it is nowhere as intuitive. To figure everything out would require me to spend a lot of time on there, which is not what I want to do. I dropped Facebook because I felt I needed to spend more quality time in REAL LIFE! G+ isn’t getting another second of my time. Actual living awaits.

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