How to Make a Name for Yourself as a PR Intern


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Too often, people slip in and out of their internship barely making a name for themselves. They show up, get the credit hours they need, and then both they and the company move on.

However, I cannot stress enough the importance of making connections and making yourself known during your internship.

I made it a personal goal to make sure when I left my internship, people remembered me. Here’s how:

1. Always say hello. From the CEO to the custodian, whether I remembered their name or not, I always made sure to say hello to everyone that I made eye contact with at the company. A smile and a “hello” can sometimes be all it takes to brighten someone’s day, and they will always remember you for it.

2. Participate. Every meeting I attended I contributed at least one idea, suggestion or statement. If I didn’t have anywhere to make a suggestion, I would simply say, “yes, I completely agree because….” Contributing a statement or suggestion to a meeting makes people who may have previously overlooked the intern notice you, even just for that moment. Making yourself standout helps you to be better remembered in the future.

3. Ask questions. If I needed a new assignment during my internship, I’d ask. If I was given an assignment and had a question on it, I’d ask. Your boss and your coworkers will like that you want to participate and help with assignments as you can, and they will like that you’re not afraid to ask questions. I will be remembered at the company as the intern who worked hard and did as much as she could to get the most out of her internship.

What else have you learned from your internships that you would add to this list?

About the Author
Christina Starr is a senior at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She will graduate in December with a bachelor’s degree in journalism with a concentration in public relations. Connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter via @c_c_starr.


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8 comments on “How to Make a Name for Yourself as a PR Intern

  1. Good tips, Christina! One key thing is to act and participate like this is a “real job” and not like you’re a temp that will only be there a few weeks or months – even if that is actually the case. When we are working somewhere on a temporary/internship basis, we tend to stay at arms length and not get involved. Who knows what knowledge and relationships (business or personal) you might be missing out on.

  2. Exactly, and that’s exactly how I personally acted on my internship, like it was a real full-time job! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Love these tips, Christina! One thing I would add: communicate! In my internships, and still my current job, I made a point to update my supervisor (or the associate who assigned the project) on my progress either daily or weekly, depending on the deadline. If you proactively communicate what you’re working on, rather than waiting for your supervisor to ask for an update, you’ll not only leave a mark, but also help the company gauge what exactly you’re doing to help them. Also, never underestimate the power of saying thank you!

  4. These tips are really of great help. Been collecting different pieces of advice and the one common thing I find is”Ask questions”. 🙂

  5. I agree, Jeana. I turn in a status report to my advisor every other week so she sees my progress and any new projects I’m working on.

    Thank you both for commenting, I love seeing feedback after my articles are read! 🙂

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  7. Always be prepared to join the work and do the assignment. For example, even if you know you don’t have too much work to do today, you should reading related materials to know you job better and improve yourself. Also, learn from observation.

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