What Do Companies Really Want from a PR Agency?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

Sure you have, because it’s easy to get frustrated in this business.

Maybe it was the time the client made you put together pages and pages of reports, you sent it off, and never heard about it again that made you question their true intentions of how they wanted to utilize your team? Or maybe it was when you pushed back on a client’s campaign idea and they decided to move forward with it despite your concerns?

But don’t forget the other side of the coin. The times when your client came to you for advice on how to really build up excitement about a new product being launched, or needed your counsel on how to drive people to their social media communities.

At the end of the day (I never said this term before I got into PR), we’ve all worked on something we didn’t fully understand or agree with, but we’ve also worked on some great projects as well, and it’s made me further believe that that companies hire PR agencies to be partners with them and not just to dump piles of tedious work on their plates.

Maybe I’m just one of the lucky ones who’s gotten the chance to work on lots of accounts with clients who primarily want PR counsel and not just worker bees? Or maybe I’m being naive to think this is mostly the case throughout the PR community?

This leads into today’s poll question below:


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7 comments on “What Do Companies Really Want from a PR Agency?

  1. As a former agency “worker bee,” I’m very interested to see the final results Andrew. I’m glad to see the trend so far seems positive, but you never know what results you’ll have in the end. Keep us posted 🙂

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