In Pictures: Top PR Stories of 2011

Disclaimer: When compiling these images, I tried to exclude news stories that weren’t necessarily “PR” stories or ones that were a little too local in nature (see former U.S. rep from New York, Anthony Weiner). For example, Congresswoman Giffords/Arab Spring/Japan Earthquake, etc. were not reflected in this collage because they were tragic, national (or global) stories that shouldn’t have been discussed from a PR perspective. However, I included an image such as Osama Bin Laden because his death was also seen as a PR boost for President Obama. I also included 9/11 because many were discussing this (whether they should or shouldn’t have) from a PR and non-PR perspective.Β 

All-in-all, many of these stories fall in a grey area between whether they were national news stories, national PR stories, or both. And there are certainly other images I considered adding to this collage. That being said, I would LOVE to for you to leave comments and let me know which other images could have been included that represent the top PR stories of the year.

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