Secrets to Getting your Dream PR Job in 2012

PR concerns enhancing and maintaining the image of a business, event or high-profiled person.

Yes, that is sexy – which is why you strive to reach that dream job in PR.

A few weeks ago, PR at Sunrise published an article – “Do PR Students and Pros Want to Work In-House or at an Agency” – so I thought it would be a good time to share some advice on how to get that job you are looking for.

1. Know someone at an agency where you are just dying to work at? Spruce up that resume, network like no other and show your brand and worth. Reach out to your network, especially to someone who also receives an incentive for referring you! Pull together your own case studies and present them in a format that will turn the eye of even the most weathered HR professional.

2. Don’t just demonstrate that you know or understand a company’s culture and core values. Be ready to show that you are indeed a great fit for the company and how you both can be beneficial to each other. If you are reaching out to an in-house position, be sure to show how your experience in agency life can be a plus for an in-house job.

3. Look for those press releases that have contacts at an agency/in house job that you covet. Reach out to them – let them know that you are interested in their company and ask for a few minutes of their time to discuss the company and the best way to get your resume looked at. Once again… enhance your image! It takes a lot to secure that dream job, don’t be afraid to leap!

4. Infuse passion and truth in all that you do to secure your dream job. PR agencies and in-house departments look for that fire in each person that they hire.  Show them that you easily adapt but are truly passionate about the work and the image that you are striving to maintain on a professional and personal level.  Being confident about who you are, goes a long way in an interview.

5. Social Networking? Definitely a plus – don’t shy away from PRWeek and/or PRSA events.  Join those groups on Linked In with other PR professionals who may be the key to your dream job. However, do remember that you may be Googled at times, so always bear in mind that you are branding yourself at all times and you don’t want to lose the opportunity to secure that dream job for something foolish that may be posted.

Most importantly, remember that when scoring that dream job in house or in-agency is … never wait for it to land on your lap. Good luck!

About the Author
Lisa Hutchins is a human resources professional who has previously worked at leading PR firms such as Ruder Finn and Cohn & Wolfe. Her responsibilities included recruiting, employee relations, and miscellaneous employee changes. In addition to her HR experience, she has also as a PR pro on an array of accounts and campaigns, including GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer. Follow Lisa on Twitter via @lisahutchins.

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8 comments on “Secrets to Getting your Dream PR Job in 2012

  1. Thanks for the great tips, Lisa! I’m definitely going to apply these when I’m searching for an internship this summer, since I’m searching outside of my curent location. 🙂

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  4. These tips are great for PR students preparing to enter the professional world. As a senior, advice like this is extremely valuable, and I have been hearing the same tips over and over again. One difference that I noticed in your advice is that you said to show how the company can benefit you, as well as how you can benefit the company. I have always been instructed not to talk about how a company can benefit me. Instead, I was taught to focus on what I can do for the company and how I will benefit them. Why do you think it is important to show how the company will benefit you? I would like to hear another perspective on this, if you have time to tell me the reasoning behind it.

    Thank you for the helpful advice!

  5. Cecilia – It’s all in the messaging. If I were going for an entry level position, I might say something like, “I’m passionate about this industry. I know my previous internship experience, combined with the knowledge I’ll gain from working with your company and learning from others, will help make me a strong employee for years to come.”

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