What Should Brands Do With Google+ in 2012?

The hot topic for most people in social media and technology these days is Google+.

With roughly 60 million users (still unclear how many are active) in just a few months existence, it has certainly caught the attention of marketers and the mainstream media. But along with it comes many questions from agencies and brands alike:

Will it succeed? Is it worth creating a business page right away? Aside from SEO, what are the benefits of it?

The answers to these questions are still being debated and likely won’t be answered anytime soon. However, I’m curious to hear just how PR/social media/marketing pros are advising brands on how to approach Google+. Please take the poll below.


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5 comments on “What Should Brands Do With Google+ in 2012?

    • I think a wait-and-see approach is a good way to go about it. I’ve also been thinking that it may be a good idea for brand’s to secure a business page, use it for X amount of time, and then evaluate the efforts. If it’s working (in that brand’s eyes), continue the effort. if it’s not, discontinue it. Thoughts?

  1. For the company I work for, we created a Google+ page, largely to avoid name squatting. In terms of content, we’ve branded the G+ page to clearly demonstrate that it’s an official brand page and posted a call to action that instructs people to follow us on our more active channels (Facebook & Twitter).

    This way, there’s no confusion from the users, we (hopefully) don’t lose any potential followers and the channel is ready to be used whenever we’re ready or when we feel G+ is worth the time and effort.

  2. As mentioned @stella you’ll need an existing plus profile. Note though, at the moment there is no multi-user support, so either use a shared account, or be prepared to be the only account with the ability to update the page until that feature is added.

    Vanity URL’s aren’t available yet either, but will likely follow soon.

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