5 Tips on How to Manage Up in the Workplace

Taking the initiative + building relationships = Managing Up

Pretty easy and fairly simple, but many of us still struggle with this in the workplace. As such, here are some of the best tips I can provide on how to accomplish this feat:

1. Take Initiative- Do not wait to be told do something just do it. Look for ways to improve day-to-day operations. Suggest ideas with outside the box thinking. By taking initiative, you increase visibility within the company. Management will take notice.

2. Keep the Boss Informed- Communication is the key. Make sure they know everything there is to know about an assignment or project. This helps build a solid relationship with your boss.

3. Leave Personal Opinions to Yourself- Like mom always said, “If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.” Despite how you personally feel about your boss, it should not deter you from giving maximum effort. This is tough because you’re not always going to agree with them. Plain and simple: Be professional at all times.

4. Stay Away from Office Politics- Beware of the internal struggles and daily gossip. Stay safe from being involved in any name calling accusations by not participating in any conversations degrading a co-worker. If you can’t say it directly to the person being mentioned don’t bother talking behind their back.

5. Build Relationships- There is no “I” in team. Make it a point to work well with others. Know their name and get to know them personally. People like to work with someone who treats them as equals. Everyone cheers for the team player that gets the promotion.

Managing up helps you add an irreplaceable value to the company. Do not restrict going above and beyond for just your boss. Do it for the team as well and all else will follow. Create a winning work environment where success is achievable through hard work.

About the Author
Kaleef M. Lloyd is an Indpendent Public Relations Practitioner & Social Media Strategist. He embraces the art of storytelling and feels everything has a story to tell. Find Kaleef on Twitter via @kaleefmlloyd.


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5 comments on “5 Tips on How to Manage Up in the Workplace

  1. I’d add – be curious and ask questions; don’t just take something someone who is more senior than you at face value.

    Just had this conversation with a colleague this morning. One thing that concerns me is not being asked “why” I made changes when I revise a draft or suggest an alternative strategy or tactical approach.

    If I’m asked “why?,” it may make me rethink my position and help create a better solution. If I’m asked “why?,” it shows you genuinely care about creating the optimal solution and want to learn and are not merely checking off a box or placating me.

    • Thanks for the feedback Joe. I agree, you shouldn’t take something someone says at face value despite their position. I think being the type of person who questions everything is really important. It definitely shows a strong eagerness to learn and to not end up being an unwilling supporter.

  2. Hi Kaleef,

    Thanks for all the value. I believe by being initiative, we will also be able to reach our goals more easily. Why? For in every small step we are taking (an inch or a mile), we are still moving towards our goals and if we don’t give up, we’ll eventually accomplish our goals.



  3. Hi Judy,

    Well said Judy! If someone stays idle without taking any initiative, he or she will never accomplish their goal. Each step someone takes is a step towards progress. Thanks for your input.

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